Where it all began

One summer in London, not that many years ago, a few DJs and musicians were living together in a North London warehouse while organizing after-hours club nights.

It was disgustingly hot and humid, and the only place to escape the heat was the roof, where we’d rigged a canopy out of military tarps, the perfect place to
enjoy stunning views of the local… railroad tracks.

The best part thing about Unit #10B, besides its humble but beautiful views, was
how at home it instantly made you feel.


That summer, when parties turned into after parties that turned into chill-outs that turned into pre-parties that turned back into parties, we had some of the best months of our lives. We were at the time developing a concept to re brand a weekly club night, and we especially wanted to recreate the warm and laid back vibe of
Unit 10B.

The night was renamed “10B: It’s A House (and techno) Party, YO!” and we raided the local pound shop to buy cheap household items to dress up the venue as somebody’s kitschy home, maybe even forced a DJ or two to play in a pajamas or dressed in an apron.

Since then, the Unit 10B vibe is something we bring to every one of our events, because we love seeing people unwind and get silly.

« Welcome to 10B…
make yourself at home. »

– 10B Crew



Desire London Magic Mondays!

Every Monday Midnight til 10am Tuesday

Union Club (Vauxhall Station)
66 Albert Embankment SE1 7TP


London’s longest running weekly afterparty has all of the city’s raving faithful exclaiming… “Thank God It’s Monday!” Every Monday night until late Tuesday morning, with tech house/techno sounds, free facepainting and weekly themes + giveaways! Come by Desire Afterhours and see just how Magical your Monday night can be.

It's A House (and techno) Party, YO!

Every Tuesday Midnight til 8am Wednesday

Union Club (Vauxhall Station)
66 Albert Embankment SE1 7TP


Come see us at 10B ‘cuz… It’s A House (and techno) Party, YO! Every Tuesday night til 8am Wednesday morning, we’ll be traversing through all the best in house and techno, so whether you like it deep, dirty, funky, techy, minimal, maximal or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Free facepainting and a new guest DJ weekly!